Trail Racing is for Everyone

In an effort to improve diversity in trail racing and remove a potential barrier for the under-served and under-represented, Go Beyond Racing established the Trail Mix Fund™ in 2021. This Fund pays the race registration fee for runners who cannot afford it or aren’t sure they belong in the sport. The response to the Trail Mix Fund was so positive that this official not-for-profit organization was created and is now helping more trail racers get to the starting line.


We understand that not everyone is in a financial position to afford to race. While we all like to think this sport is accessible – “you just need a pair of shoes” – that isn’t always the case. We also believe that there are more BIPOC & LGBTQ+ people who would like to race and would enjoy being part of the community but aren’t comfortable taking that step of signing up to race.

Waiving the registration fee alone won’t solve this problem, but maybe it can help some. The Trail Mix Fund is available to anyone wanting to run a Go Beyond Racing race, or other eligible race, and who could use some assistance in paying for it. We are adding additional races and race organizations!


As a recipient of the Trail Mix Fund, I have been given the opportunity to be a part of an amazing community and work (well, run) towards my goals! I am passionate about improving access to the outdoors and am so thankful that there are people out there who share this vision.

Shannon Murphy
Smith Rock Ascent