About the Trail Mix Fund

During the pandemic in 2020, when many people had lost their jobs, Go Beyond Racing began waiving the registration fee for their races for people who couldn't afford to race because of those hardships. At the same time, many runners reached out, wanting to donate money to help pay for those registrations. The Trail Mix Fund was born!

The response from the trail running community was overwhelming and donations took off. Applicants from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond were funded and ran a race that the Trail Mix Fund paid for in 2021. The idea had grown and warranted a more official status.

Now, as a 501(3)c organization, donations to the Trail Mix Fund are tax-deductible. A Board of Directors still reviews all applications and approves or denies each based on the need and fit with the Trail Mix Fund's mission.

As long as there are funds available in the Trail Mix Fund, we’ll continue to use them to help people race.


The Trail Mix Fund is guided by a Board of Directors who mirror and represent the communities we want to serve:

Yassine Diboun
Susan Tracy
Megan Bruce
Vinay Prasad
Stephanie Imig
Todd Janssen
Renee Janssen