Apply to the Trail Mix Fund

If you would like to run one of the eligible races (see list below) and cannot pay the registration fee, you can apply to the Trail Mix Fund to have your registration fee waived. Complete this simple application, explaining your situation and making your case. The Board of Directors will review it and approve or deny your application within two weeks, usually sooner.

Applicants will register for the specified race after receiving notification that they are funded. This doesn’t allow you to bypass a lottery or skip ahead of a waitlist or enter a sold out race.

People can apply up to three times. This way we can help more people make it to a start line.


Eligible Races

Even though the Trail Mix Fund started out covering the registration fee for only Go Beyond Racing races, it is expanding and now pays the cost to race at all these events:

Don’t see a race listed that you want to run? Reach out to the race director and ask them to get in touch with us. We want to make trail racing accessible to people all over the United States.